AI-driven cycle lanes assessment as a service

Monitor the safety and quality of cycle lanes using AI and expert traffic auditors.

Cost-effective solution to assess cycle lanes and promote micro-mobility

The ROAD SYSTEM™ provides a detailed road assessment that takes into account a range of factors including road safety, user experience, road quality, air quality, level of noise and street lighting conditions.

Issue identification

Detection and mapping of issues through precise satellite technologies (GNSS)

Safety analysis

Collection and analysis of different sources of data, including sensors and a high-resolution camera system

Data-driven strategies

Empowering cities with valuable insights to formulate effective strategies for the cycling infrastructure.

Cost reduction

Substantial decrease in maintenance costs for cities by reducing reliance on manual inspections.

Backed by leading experts

Inspecting cycle lanes has never been so easy​

You decide which cycle lanes we need to analyze and the frequency.
We take care of all the rest.


You provide a map indicating which cycle lanes you want to monitor and the safety and quality parameters you are interested.
Step 01

Inspection and analysis

Our expert physically inspects the lanes using our proprietary Lane Visual Inspector and analyze the collected data using AI and manual analysis.
Step 02

Data and reports

Based on your needs, you get access to the map-based platform, the report with the identified issues, a certified audited report and a "CycleRAP assessment".
Step 03

Cycle Lane 365

A cloud GIS based administration panel for administrators to make cycle lane assessments.

Lane Visual Inspector

Scanning devices equipped with several sensor that once installed on bicycles allow to:

Cut maintenance costs with the ROAD SYSTEM: less manual inspection, more savings.

Multi-awarded and supported by leading programs

Upgrade your cycling infrastructure.
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ROAD SYSTEM™: The Future of Cycling Safety.
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