Pollution Monitoring

High resolution pollution insights for city planners and public health authorities

Clean Air, Quiet Streets

Transform urban living with ROAD System’s precise environmental data. Get real-time updates on air quality and noise pollution, enabling informed public health initiatives and better noise management. Utilize accurate data to create a healthier, quieter urban experience.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Stay informed on particulate matter concentrations with real-time monitoring of PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 levels. Protect residents by addressing the invisible threats in the air they breathe

Noise Pollution Monitoring

Noise Pollution Monitoring

Gauge the noise levels across different city zones with precise measurements in decibels (dB). Identify and manage noise pollution sources to ensure serene urban spaces

Public Health Initiatives

Public Health Initiatives

 Use ROAD System’s precise data to plan and implement corrective measures in areas with poor air quality, ensuring a healthier living environment

Cycling Infrastructure Maintenance

Transform the way cities manage road and cycle lane maintenance. Prioritize and schedule repairs using precise monitoring data, ensuring longer road lifespans and reduced costs

Hazard Reporting

Elevate road safety standards by quickly fixing potential hazards. From detecting potholes to identifying unexpected obstacles, respond faster and keep roads hazard-free

Urban Road Planning

Modern cities require modern infrastructure. Utilize precise data on road width and roughness to inform designs for road expansions or modifications, ensuring they meet the evolving demands of urban life.

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